We're connecting with senior teacher trainers in Australia and the USA, with a number of them seeing our book as a serious and useful resource for yoga teachers in training regardless of their years of experience. CONNECTING is now recommended reading for trainee yoga teachers and yoga therapists in training at Qi Yoga in Manly and  Yoga Institute in Sydney and at the Academy of Yoga and Mindbody Education in Melbourne.

Forty trainee yoga teachers received Lucy’s special brand of training in ‘Communication Skills for Teaching Yoga Classes’ at The Yoga Institute in Sydney during September.

Rane and Jo from Flow Artists interviewed Lucy for their June 10 2018 episode, you can listen to Lucy discussing Conscious Communication by clicking here.

More recently Lucy attended J.Brown’s workshop in Sydney hosted by Qi Yoga and introduced him to our book. J.Brown is passionate about pursuing a quiet yoga revolution,  based in healing which seeks to change the dialogue and direction of yoga practice in the west. 

CONNECTING  was reviewed in Yoga Today, Yoga Australia's quarterly magazine. (click here to read the book review). 

We are delighted that our book is now for sale in  Melbourne at: Kundalini House in Fitzroy North and the Theosophical Society Bookshop,  Russell Street, both in Melbourne

Lucy with J.Brown

Lucy with J.Brown