Senior Yoga Teacher ~ Yoga Therapist and Teacher Trainer ~ Yoga Communications Coach ~ Teacher Mentor ~ BSc (Phys Ed).

After practicing yoga for many years Lucy trained as a Yoga Teacher at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, USA and has continued her yoga teaching and yoga therapy studies in Australia and the USA, having completed over 1,000 hours since 2011. She has studied with Michael de Manincor; Vidya Carolyn Dell’uomo and Devarshi Steven Hartman; Ganesh, Indira and A.G. Mohan; Amy Weintraub, Leslie Kaminoff and Richard Miller; as well as with Heather Plett, developing her expertise in ‘holding space’. She feels very grateful to be able to share the wisdom and experience that she has received from these many gifted teachers, as well as from her students and clients with whom she has worked over the last eight years in both Australia and the USA.

The mentoring and guidance that I have received from Lucy as I grow as a yoga teacher has been invaluable on my journey. Everyone needs Lucy!
— Kirstie Christensen, (2016/17)

However, Lucy had been teaching for many years before commencing her yoga teaching journey. Starting from the beginning, she taught scuba diving, managed sales teams in radio stations throughout Australia and then managed a Health Retreat in Queensland. In the early 1990’s she joined Rogen International in Sydney, which was a global training and consulting firm specializing in face-to-face communication. Lucy went on to become a Global Partner and the CEO of Rogen, North America, having moved to the USA in 1995. The Yoga Institute is where Lucy has found her sangha (yoga community) in Australia; she brings her extensive knowledge and experience of communication skills to the training, coaching and mentoring of yoga teachers and therapists and the teaching faculty in programs offered by The Yoga Institute.

I came to Lucy with a bundle of scribbled notes and a random collection of ill-formed ideas to prepare for a keynote speech I was to give at a significant fund-raising dinner. At our first session together, she immediately reduced my anxiety with her compassionate, calm approach and creation of a well-thought through structure for the presentation. Over our next three meetings she honed and fine-tuned the speech with me, always listening to my views, as well as bringing her own professionalism to the party. She was with me as I rehearsed in the function hall, advising me on microphone techniques and the best way to address a large audience. At the dinner, instead of feeling nervous, I felt excited and exceedingly well-prepared. Not only was the speech well-received but I hugely enjoyed its delivery! I would never have thought it possible and remain indebted to her for the transformation.
— Jules Forth, "Walking the Black Dog" (2018)

The services Lucy offers the yoga community are guided by a personal experience of the healing power of self-compassion and include: teaching classes, teaching privately, leading prana facilitation, mentoring and training communication skills for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, creating and facilitating transformational programs and coaching experienced teachers to design and refine their workshops and presentations. Lucy passionately believes in yoga as a system for healing and transformation of the body, mind and spirit. Lucy is a member of Yoga Australia and The Kripalu Yoga and Ayurveda Association (KYAA). Lucy, her husband Ramesh, three fabulous children and two dogs live in both Australia and the USA.


We worked with Lucy to prepare a workshop for teaching yoga to seniors. Lucy gave us an orderly structure and a process to follow, to create a fabulous course that was extremely well received by our audience. Lucy helped us to establish our course objective and goal, once that was clear we could hold ourselves accountable for delivering what we were offering in the best possible way. We were very happy with the process and the outcome.
Maria and Melissa, Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers (2016)
— Maria Johnston and Melissa Roncolato, Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers (2016)
Lucy’s knowledge, advice and enthusiasm when it comes to helping others to communicate more consciously is pure gold. She has years of world-class experience coaching thousands of people in the corporate world to present, lead and engage others. Add to this her genuine heart-felt approach and special things happen.
— Annie Kirkman, Yoga Teacher (2018)